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Chudjak, sometimes also called Poljak, Chudcel, le /pol/ face, Chudjaqueena [No one says this, meds now (I say this)], CHVD, Clittycel, Poltroon, Poltard, or just Chud, is a Wojak variant that was made to mock right-wing /pol/ users and incels, and is now used broadly to mock and imitate any right-leaning individuals in general, specifically ones …Also known originally as the Feels Guy, Wojak is a crude illustration of a bald man—which spawned a host of other offshoot characters—commonly used to convey sad or …Jan 3, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Hermit Broken. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest

It's basically this one wojak/soyjak face with this very erratic or manic looking expression on his face with white or yellow pupils. I swore I've seen it a couple times in the past. Just can't find it. 4 0. r/WojakTemplate: A place to drop off your custom wojaks, wojak templates, and related meme templates. Search the Imgflip meme database for popular memes and blank meme templates Explore GIFs. GIPHY is the platform that animates your world. Find the GIFs, Clips, and Stickers that make your conversations more positive, more expressive, and more you.Wojak. Wojak (berasal dari bahasa Polandia wojak, IPA: vɔjak, 'tentara'), juga dikenal sebagai Feels Guy, adalah sebuah meme Internet. Dalam meme ia digambarkan sebagai sesosok pria botak bergaris hitam sederhana dengan ekspresi sedih, dan biasanya diposting dengan tujuan untuk mewakili perasaan emosi seperti depresi, penyesalan, atau kesepian.

While Doomer is rather downtrodden, the gloomy energy from Doomer Girl comes off as stylish. She’s a little bit depressed, a little bit goth, and very hip. The character is drawn with a chic dark bob, rosy cheeks, dark eyes, and red lips. She wears a black choker and black top. Kind of an anti-Betty Boop for the 2020s.By Greatest2 2024-02-13 18:09. 74% (317) Wojak Desert Island. See, rate and share the best Wojak memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun! ….

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Wojak ORIGINS Explained - YouTube. gr33nguy. 101K subscribers. Subscribed. 1.7K. 36K views 1 year ago. A deep dive into the origins of the Internet's most recognizable drawing - the Wojak. Meme... A meme factory. The generator of Wojaks ! For creating meme or just for the beauty of the art ! Doomer, Coomer, Oomer, Feels man, Groomer, Rage, NPC, Grey Chad, they're all here ! Use the ready made layers or import your own images, save or export your work and let the creativity empower yourself !

Nov 7, 2022 · Wojak has always been an introvert nerd who doesn't have any friends. His life in highschool is a daily struggle. One day, a mysterious man crosses his path ... What a Nerd and We Always Loved This or Fuck Off Nerd refers to an exploitable Wojak comic in which the laughing girls Wojaks are shown laughing at a nerd in the 1980s for …Wojak (do polonês wojak, 'soldado'), também conhecido como Feels Guy, é um meme da Internet.Na forma original do meme, ele é um simples desenho de contorno preto de um homem careca com uma expressão melancólica.Ele é postado para representar genericamente emoções como a melancolia, tristeza ou solidão. A imagem se originou …

joann fabrics lancaster ohio Yes Chad, also known as Nordic Gamer, refers to a drawn image of a blond man with blue eyes often wearing a beard, usually captioned "Yes" and to the original Wojak Comics format based on the character. The image is a subformat of Nordic / Mediterranean 4chan meme and originated on Twitter in early August 2019. kaiser baldwin park appointment centerstine home and yard jennings About. Soyjak Shows His Phone refers to a series of exploitable memes based on an image of an excited Soyjak showing something on the screen of his smartphone. The memes mock those who get overly excited about certain things, particularly mainstream popular culture. aurora forecast 28 days A meme factory. The generator of Wojaks ! For creating meme or just for the beauty of the art ! Doomer, Coomer, Oomer, Feels man, Groomer, Rage, NPC, Grey Chad, they're all here ! Use the ready made layers or import your own images, save or export your work and let the creativity empower yourself ! Jul 6, 2023 · Chud is a slang term used online to refer to people who are considered far from socially normal and unpleasant to be around. The term, undergoing slight changes in its meaning over the decades, has maintained its usage as an offensive and negatively connotated word. Starting in 2020, the term spawned the Chudjak, Avatar Chud, and GigaChud memes ... lidl north charlestonisgh announcementnapoleon movie ipic Smug Wojak is a meme that started on both /r9k/ and /s4s/ in early August 2014. It is about a drawing of a character which somewhat resembles Wojak (the feelguy). It is based on both Wojak and Smug Pepe (a pompous-looking version of Pepe (the sadfrog)). Smug Wojak can be used to convey positive feelings or as a related picture (e.g. Smug Wojak … the lycan queen chapter 6 Even though I run a coupon website that I started 12+ years ago, I've never stacked coupons before. This is mainly because I had no idea which retailers actually let you stack coup...About. Shroomjak or Mushroom Wojak, also known as Shrigma Male is a variation of the Wojak character that resembles a mushroom, adorned with a smiling face. The Wojak was first posted to 4chan's /b/ board in January 2021, becoming popularized later in the year as it was shared around social media and spread to other platforms. lebauer pulmonary burlingtong30s vs g30sfiu health patient portal support Speech Bubbling or Word Bubbling is the term given to a wide range of exploitable reaction images that have half of a speech bubble added to them, with the second half being left up above them. While the images below the bubbles range from positive to negative depictions for various uses, word bubbling is used to create the perception that the ...